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Chris Voss Podcast – Andrea Nerep, Founder/CEO of Petzbe – The Free Social App Just for Pets!

Andrea Nerep, Founder/CEO of Petzbe – The Free Social App Just for Pets!

Petzbe is the TOP social networking app created by pets FOR pets! Whether you’re snuggling, sniffing, snoozing, snacking, scratching, snorting or just being incredibly SMOL… we are all about sharing your very own PET pawspective.

Petzbe has been featured in WIRED, People Magazine, Good Morning America, The Wall St. Journal, and other major media outlets that our goofy hoomans like to read!

With just the tap of your paw/hoof/beak/talon/fin/claw you can:

• Creatively share your unique pet lifestyle!

• Pawwticipate in monthly #LendAPaw campaign where we raise money for pets in need! With the help of community, Petzbe has donated over $120k to helping fellow pets.

• Sniff around and make best furrrends with fellow pets!

• Access tons of adorable stickers & frames TAILor made for YOU. Have a blast decorating all of your original content!

• Plan & host virtual celebrations & events with your favorite PetzbePals because everyone loves a great pawwty!

• Join weekly creative challenges & contests so you can interact & learn more about all of your *Sniffers!* It is playtime all the time!

• Use Discussion Boards to post your thoughts, stories, recommendations, questions & comments so you can chat & connect with other users! After all, there’s nothing like a great conFURsation!

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