Chris Voss Podcast – The FBI Way: Inside the Bureau’s Code of Excellence by Frank Figliuzzi

The FBI Way: Inside the Bureau’s Code of Excellence by Frank Figliuzzi

“A must read for serious leaders at every level.” —General Barry R. McCaffrey (Ret.)

The FBI’s former head of counterintelligence reveals the Bureau’s field-tested playbook for unlocking individual and organizational excellence, illustrated through dramatic stories from his own storied career

Frank Figliuzzi was the “Keeper of the Code,” appointed the FBI’s Chief Inspector by then-Director Robert Mueller. Charged with overseeing sensitive internal inquiries and performance audits, he ensured each employee met the Bureau’s exacting standards. Now, drawing on his distinguished career, Figliuzzi reveals how the Bureau achieves its extraordinary track record of excellence—from the training of new recruits in “The FBI Way” to the Bureau’s rigorous maintenance of its standards up and down the organization.

All good codes of conduct have one common trait: they reflect the core values of an organization. Individuals, companies, schools, teams, or any group seeking to codify their rules to live by must first establish core values. Figliuzzi has condensed the Bureau’s process of preserving and protecting its values into what he calls “The Seven C’s”. If you can adapt the concepts of Code, Conservancy, Clarity, Consequences, Compassion, Credibility, and Consistency, you can instill and preserve your values against all threats, internal and external. This is how the FBI does it.

Figliuzzi’s role in the FBI gave him a unique opportunity to study patterns of conduct among high-achieving, ethical individuals and draw conclusions about why, when and how good people sometimes do bad things. Unafraid to identify FBI execs who erred, he cites them as the exceptions that prove the rule. Part pulse-pounding memoir, part practical playbook for excellence, The FBI Way shows readers how to apply the lessons he’s learned to their own lives: in business, management, and personal development.

About Frank Figliuzzi
Frank Figliuzzi was the FBI’s Assistant Director for Counterintelligence and served 25 years as a Special Agent. In his current role as a respected National Security Analyst, Frank regularly appears on live television for NBC and MSNBC news. Frank held senior FBI leadership positions in major American cities and was appointed the FBI’s Chief Inspector by then Director Robert Mueller to oversee sensitive internal inquiries, shooting reviews, and performance audits. Following his FBI career, Frank became a corporate security executive for a Fortune 10 company and led global Investigations, Insider Threat, Workplace Violence Prevention, and Special Event security for 300,000 employees in 180 countries.

As the Bureau’s head of Counterintelligence, Mr. Figliuzzi directed all espionage investigations across the U.S. government. Frank frequently briefed the White House, Congress, and the Attorney General. During Frank’s FBI career, he led the FBI’s Cleveland Field Office, was the second ranking official in the FBI’s Miami Division, ran squads in San Francisco, and worked investigations in Atlanta. Mr. Figliuzzi directed an FBI internal disciplinary unit in the Office of Professional Responsibility and adjudicated allegations of serious misconduct against FBI personnel.

Frank is most noted for his clear and compelling television commentary regarding the Special Counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign. His FBI career highlights include: Leading the FBI’s efforts to counter economic espionage in Silicon Valley, California; Overseeing major financial crimes and public corruption investigations in Miami, Florida, and Cleveland, Ohio; Serving as on-scene commander of the largest HAZMAT evidence recovery effort in FBI history at the Boca Raton, Florida, site of the nation’s first anthrax murder; and, Publicly explaining the FBI’s successful operation against ten Russian sleeper agents inside the United States.

Mr. Figliuzzi earned a Juris Doctorate cum laude from the University of Connecticut School of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from Fairfield University. Frank completed certificate programs at the Harvard University National Security Program for Senior Executives in Government at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and at Northwestern University’s executive course on Leading Strategic Change at the Kellogg School of Management. He is a sought-after speaker, panelist and instructor on violence prevention, risk management, and the external and internal threats facing the United States.

Chris Voss Podcast – CES 2021 RoboEatz The World’s Most Advanced Autonomous Robotic Kitchen

CES 2021 RoboEatz The World’s Most Advanced Autonomous Robotic Kitchen

NEW YORK, NY: Featuring proprietary technology and powered by AI, RoboEatz’ ARK 03 is the only autonomous robotic kitchen system that prepares, cooks and serves a wide range of made-to-order hot and cold food dishes.

Designed by restaurateurs and aerospace engineers for the food service industry, ARK 03 robotic kitchen brings the benefits of automation, cleanliness & safety, efficiency and menu personalization to the kitchen for a complete, end-to-end solution.

“By bringing state-of-the-art technology into the kitchen, ARK 3 offers unparalleled food safety, operational and cost efficiencies and menu personalization to meet the needs of customers and restauranteurs better than other robotic systems on the market, ” said Alex Barseghian, CEO of RoboEatz.

Product Features:

Autonomous: prepares, cooks and serves a variety of hot and cold meals, self-cleans and sanitizes.
Reduces Food Waste: AI monitors food quality, expiration dates and ingredient supply, less waste = less cost.
Ingredient Storage: Choose from 80 fresh ingredients to create thousands of perfectly portioned and prepared dishes.
Personalization: Easily customized with transparent dietary nutrition count available at your fingertips. ARK 03 is the only robotic kitchen system that cooks and serves a wide range of dishes.
Capacity: Able to create 1,000+ meals before requiring ingredient refill, more than any other system.
Speed: Creates meals in 30 sec+. New menu items added in five minutes.
Food Safety: Provides contamination control against viruses and bacteria through temperature regulation, smart storage and freshness tracking.

“We took our successes and failures from many years in the restaurant business and combined them with our experience in aerospace engineering to deliver a product that solves real problems in the industry and opens a new understanding of how people will be served in decades to come,” said Janis Poruks, Chief Technology Officer of RoboEatz.

The system has been in development over the past three years and is now perfected and available for a wide range of commercial applications. Its autonomous, 24/7 operation and personalization capabilities make it an ideal solution for: quick serve & fast casual restaurants, business campuses and office towers, grocery and convenience stores, airports and transportation hubs, health care facilities, schools, senior living centers and entertainment complexes.

About the Company:
RoboEatz was created by restaurateurs and aerospace engineers to bring the latest technology and innovation to the food service industry. The global team is comprised of mechanical and automation engineers, CAD specialists, chefs and food technologists with decades of experience running restaurants.

Chris Voss Podcast – Fool’s Errand by Jeffrey S. Stephens

Fool’s Errand by Jeffrey S. Stephens

Years after the death of his gangster father, a young man discovers a letter that sends him reluctantly defying the mob as he races to locate a hidden treasure. It’s been six years since the untimely death of Blackie—a charming rogue who endlessly pursued “The Big Deal”—when his son discovers an enigmatic letter telling of a cache of stolen money. Feeling no choice but to pursue his father’s dream, he embarks on a search that leads from New York, to the Strip in Las Vegas, and ultimately to the south of France. Along this life-altering journey, he is confronted by the dangers of his father’s past as he unravels a decades-old mystery, while revealing other long-buried secrets as well.

Chris Voss Podcast – The Poetry of Strangers: What I Learned Traveling America with a Typewriter by Brian Sonia-Wallace

The Poetry of Strangers: What I Learned Traveling America with a Typewriter by Brian Sonia-Wallace

Before he became an award-winning writer and poet, Brian Sonia-Wallace set up a typewriter on the street with a sign that said “Poetry Store” and discovered something surprising: all over America, people want poems. An amateur busker at first, Brian asked countless strangers, “What do you need a poem about?” To his surprise, passersby opened up to share their deepest yearnings, loves, and heartbreaks. Hundreds of them. Then thousands. Around the nation, Brian’s poetry crusade drew countless converts from all walks of life.

In The Poetry of Strangers, Brian tells the story of his cross-country journey in a series of heartfelt and insightful essays. From Minnesota to Tennessee, California to North Dakota, Brian discovered that people aren’t so afraid of poetry when it’s telling their stories. In “dying” towns flourish vibrant artistic spirits and fascinating American characters who often pass under the radar, from the Mall of America’s mall walkers to retirees on Amtrak to self-proclaimed witches in Salem.

In a time of unprecedented loneliness and isolation, Brian’s journey shows how art can be a vital bridge to community in surprising places. Conventional wisdom says Americans don’t want to talk to each other, but according to this poet-for-hire, everyone is just dying to be heard.

Thought-provoking, moving, and eye-opening, The Poetry of Strangers is an unforgettable portrait of America told through the hidden longings of one person at a time, by one of our most important voices today. The fault lines and conflicts which divide us fall away when we remember to look, in every stranger, for poetry.

Brian Sonia-Wallace is a street poet and performance artist who challenges notions of art and value. He began RENT Poet, an experiment in paying his rent through writing poems for passersby on the street and at events, in September, 2014. Since then, he’s written for tech companies and governments, toured nationally and internationally, and been nominated for a 2015 Doris Duke Impact Award. Brian is a Partner at the Melrose Poetry Bureau and lives in Los Angeles.