The Scars Of Character & Life

Years ago, one of the many companies I’ve owned was an Acting/Modeling agency. It gave me the opportunity to sit in Movie & TV castings and see auditions first hand. Many times sitting in right next to the directors auditioning talent performances. I learned about “Character Faces,” faces that weren’t pretty, but their faces reflected the scars of a hard life’s experience. These aren’t flaws, they are badges of hard life lessons given, the challenge of stress, of survival and honor. The worn lines on the face that come from a lifetime of the battle of one to exist.

Over the time of life, you realize nothing is perfect and you should be proud that in spite of those scars you ultimately survived. Life isn’t pretty or perfect. Like that old Redwood tree in the forest, Scars remind you of the lessons you were given an appreciation for the ones who didn’t survive and were cut down. Embrace your scars, their lessons, and their memory. They are the medals of survival in life’s battles. And many times they are the indelible prints of a memorial someone left on your soul.

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