Mike Pence’s PR stunt with the NFL Colts Game.

Mike Pence just pulled a PR stunt with the NFL to divide the country more instead of uniting. Jesus, what a sadly staged counter-protest of a protest. I’m white. I can see exactly who he’s playing to. This DIVIDE is actually the problem that he’s widening. It’s shameful these “leaders” don’t care about ALL Americans.
At an intellectual core, we should look inside to understand why this upsets us. Maybe we need to look more as to how some of our American brothers feel disenfranchised. We need to face their issues.

Recently, Bill Maher’s misuse of the “N” word became an educating moment for me as Ice T perfectly explained why white people cannot use that word and blacks can. I learned something new over that. Over the last few years, I’ve tried to understand better the dynamics of privilege and bias in our Country.
Instead of some being upset about black athletes protesting discrimination and police killing black people, why can’t we unite as Americans asking the harder question of how can we constructively resolve this? We still have a racial discrimination problem in the country we need to face.

Why can’t we ask, how each of us can do more to make American good for everyone? How can we understand and fix the issues that still perplex us? The argument is NOT over standing or not. There is clearly an issue and we should work to resolve it so that ALL people feel great about the flag.

Veterans fought to make this country great for Americans but not every one is sharing in that greatness. The fact that some in our society have to live in fear or without the same even priveledges means America has done a shameful job of delivering the freedom those Vets fought and died for. We owe it to them to work to make their value of America great for everyone.
Forcing people to stand so that we can turn a blind eye away from our societies issues will not fix them. We need to argue about how to resolve the issue, rather than the positions of one’s body posture during a tune. Wake up and let’s fix our racial divide.

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