How The “Little Things” Matter In Business


I ordered a pizza from one of my favorite places that has great Yelp reviews for a reason. They make the best pizza in my area I’ve found after trying all the others. Tonight I got their Thin Crust pizza delivered. You can see from the picture here there is a little thin plastic “buffer” they put between the bottom of the box and the pizza. This is the first time I’ve ever seen one and the reason is because their competitors don’t care if the grease soaks into the crust making it soggy during delivery. THEY DO.

Why do they do this when others dont? Because it gives better customer experience and satisfaction with their Brand’s products. Its a cheap little thing to add to care just a little bit more to make sure I enjoy a crisp pizza. The little things. They dont have to do this, they could just ship it and say “well its out the door, we shipped, our job is over.” But they care about the end point a customer will most remember. I wont remember ordering the pizza but I WILL remember the quality of it after it “shipped.” Thats the important part to me. This cheap and simple little addition tells me that they care and that makes me want to give them all my business.

The “little things” are usually what large conglomerates cut corners on and wonder why customers begin like other products made more with personal care. You see it in products like Craft Beer etc. People dont always want to be part of “the machine.” They want to personally connect with a Brand that delivers something they cared for.

You can read about the incredible amounts of planning and worrying that Steve Jobs did over designing Apples phones and Apple Stores. The little things matter. They add up to the sum of the whole. Its the caring sound in a customer reps voice, its the quality in the way a product looks and unboxes as you open it. Its that little attention to detail that gives what I call the “Iceberg effect.” If your company takes care of the little things, it likely takes care of the big things too. Those are the companies I want to do business with.

Rosati’s Pizza

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