Is ISIS Really That Different From Other Religions That Persecute “Non-Believers?”


Reflecting on the ISIS attack in France on “non-believers” last night I’m thinking about how God and religion are used to destroy people. There are many facets to “destroying someone” and murder is just one of them. Is ISIS Really That Different From Other Religions That Persecute “Non-Believers?”

This week I’ve watched the Mormon Cult attack and persecute Gay Parents by coming out with a policy discriminating against them and their innocent children. Quite heinous for a cult that claims “Families are Forever” while giving a clear “but fuck you GAY families” in their new policy. Living in Utahrd (A slang name I have for Utah) for 20+ years, I’ve known gay people who committed suicide over their persecution. I suppose you could call that sort of persecuted non-believer hate killing “Indirect Terrorism?” This week a Utahrd Judge let his religion abuse his position to discriminate against a Gay Couple to take away their kids they’d legally gone through the process of adopting. Can you imagine the horror of being those folks?

Consider that I’d lived on both sides of the religious fronts. I’ve seen the damage and wreckage of lives people have to still lead after being persecuted by religion. Instant death by terrorists over a lifetime of suffering could be argued as possibly a better way to die? Is worth than a lifetime of deaths by a thousand slow cuts? Imagine having your children taken away from you, being persecuted and discriminated against all your life. I feel for people who have to deal with this as I have. I’ve dealt with more hate in the name of religion than anyone should and I’m not even gay.

Hate and persecution is of “non-believers” is just that…EVIL HATE, and the ugliness that comes with it. The delusion people have is that ISIS is different that other religions WHO PERSECUTE AND DISCRIMINATE against people. While other religions have reformed to stop killing people in the name of their religions some are still doing what ISIS does at it home front base. DO YOU REALIZE THAT ISIS is not JUST killing people, its doing the same as some other religions locally persecuting, jailing, discriminating against gay people and people who dont buy into their religion. Living at ISIS’s base isnt too much different than any repressive religion – for example you cant drink or smoke….mmmm reminds me of a cult in Utahrd I know. ISIS is a wakeup call and reflection of our societies religions who open persecute non-believers with hate.

Hate enacted, is hate whether their is “killing” or not. ITS STILL EVIL. Its delusional that we make an exception for killing people as an extreme but its okay if a religion shits on and destroys peoples lives, persecuting and discriminating against them. I’m amazed out how human nature can turn this blind eye splitting hairs. Its like saying “Well WE dont kill people like ISIS, we just beat the shit out of them and their lives.” Wow High Morals we have there Mr. Jesus loves everyone.

Its time we woke up that some religions who destroy peoples lives with persecution and discrimination are no better than ISIS. Whether you terrorize people with outright death or terrorize their lives in persecution for a lifetime for being “non-believers” I have a hard time thinking which is worse. If you’ve lived with the persecution some would argue instant death would be easier. Religions demand respect for their beliefs and ISIS isnt different from most religions starting out with all the killing they did…maybe we just need to give it some space for reformation like we have the others? A hundred years from now they open placid cute little chapels in my neighborhood I’m sure. I think not. Its time for the bullshit to end on all fronts.

I’ve seen testimonies of kids raised in a gay household and they turned out fine. They might have turned out better than I did in a straight household. I saw someone say about the mormon policy conflict”Well I dont believe in our policies but I support our group and leaders.” I’m sure some Germans said the same thing about the Nazi’s and Hitler…right before he slaughtered the Jews. No one gives a fuck about other people getting screwed as long as they are happy. Its the slippery slope of apathy people and a fine line between killing someone or their lives. If you financially and morally support religions that do this – you are just as evil and complicit in association in their crimes against humanity. I dont care how you slice your denial. Its like saying “Well ya I was in a mob who lynched someone but I didnt hold the rope.”

IF your religion persecutes and discriminates against gay people its no better than ISIS. ISIS behaves the same way on its home front as some religions in the US. It is terrorism of a less extreme born out of fear and hate, shaming people who are different. It may be time for you to stand up for whats right as opposed to aiding and abetting the DESTRUCTION of other peoples LIVES, whether there’s a “killing” or not, ITS STILL PURE EVIL.

To be clear if your religion does this – its time to stand up and put a stop to it.

The Bottom Line is: Acting in evil and hate is the same whether your killing people or not.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

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