If There Is A Creator, What If Its Not A Human Likeness As Man?


I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about his belief in a “God.” I of course, can find no logical proof in such things and find it interesting how people choose and operate their belief states to possess all manner of convenient pre-form options.

One thing that always strikes me is our ability to think so highly of ourselves. That there is a God-like being who looks like us and that he must have a purpose specifically for us as “mankind.” But, what if that’s wrong?

Why do we think that way? Its seems incredibly narcissistic to think in all the universe or in creation throughout it, that WE could be the top species. In fact I’d probably rule the odds are against it.

What if there is a creator and its not a man? Who are we kidding now? Think about the intelligence such a being would have to have. Why would a universe creator worry about the pettiness religion shames us with? I honestly doubt something of the brilliance to, IF they did create the Universe, could be so small of mind as I’ve been told by religion.

What if in entertaining the idea, our creator is a super intelligent alien life form and we are just the roach/ant farm that his kids play with or watch? No one really knows. What if we are creations penal colony no one wants for the failures of human nature? Or a funnier note, what if we ARE already in hell? (Explains a lot huh)

Anyway, mankind’s nature to exalt himself to this idea that he is in the image of his creator, is always an interesting belief I analyze. Not only why we do it, but what if we’re wrong? Any answer always comes back to that self-serving narcissistic self that people search for in demanding a meaning to their life no matter how fictional or imaginative the resolving idea. What if a creator doesn’t even care about us? Hold that thought in your head without trying to bullshit your way out of it.

What if we’re not the top species, what if no one has a purpose for us and there is no meaning or creator? Or what if our creator doesn’t like us and has abandoned his failed experiment. Does it hurt that bad to have to face that insignificance or unimportantness? I guess for many it does to the point of delusion.

My life right now between birth and death has meaning to me and the people I affect. After that its anyone’s guess. But if you think about it, maybe there is a good reason know one knows whats after life or the reason for it. Maybe thats because there isnt one. Is that really so scary?

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