I Took A Vacation From Facebook And Loved It

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I’ve been unhappy for a while with the lack of my production in some areas of my life and of course I always know what my distractions I go to in avoiding real work, but I still go to them like we all do.

One of my biggest distractions is Facebook. So last week I decided to take a vacation from Facebook quitting it cold turkey one night, whiting my profile and cover photo, posting the song from Metallica “I Disappear.” I was inspired by the song to take a break. It wasnt some big douchey excuse or drama I wanted to post for a big deal of attention and then leave. I hate when people do that solely from attention. I just thought “I’ve been on this thing for years, how about a little healthy break, a vacation of sorts.” I didnt know how long it would last or if I’d even be back. There really wasnt anything to say and it was easier just to quit cold turkey. I just thought “well lets take this little journey and see where it goes.”

My main objective was to take some time off and get some perspective and realign my usage of Facebook and get control back. For me Facebook is where I can play with my friends, laugh, joke all over the world. While I love them all we cant sit around locally, have beers and shoot the shit. So Facebook is my play date with my friends. I also use it to entertain, educate and do some tech news etc. I like to have fun, not be fake or pretentious. I love to make people laugh and IF you laugh, its like jet fuel to my brain to make you laugh MORE. Sadly that really can suck up my time although most jokes come pretty easy for me.

But the notifications especially after the “See First” changes started over running my phone. I’d take a nap and the notifications would have burned my phone battery down to zero and my phone would be hot. I wasnt getting stuff done I needed to get done. My FOMO was out of control at wanting to be the first off with a joke, be funny or argue. The other failure I’ve been doing is not sitting down and putting solid blog posts on my blog. For a long time I’ve promised myself I’ll use Facebook as an editor and copy it to my blog. That NEVER gets done. I’m wasting my stuff long term building on someone elses property, my stuff wont appear in search. Lets face it no one reads your old Facebook posts, they are gone like dust and might as well be on the 2nd page of Google Search. Its wasted when it should be in a open garden public search and if you’re readers want to easily find your older material. All those links you lose no one will ever see in search engines are buried in Facebook. I’ve been wanting to write a book the last year. That hasnt gotten done either.

So I took a break, deleted the app. I kept the Messenger App so I could still chat with my friends. It was awesome. It was really nice as I remembered what it was like to be “normal” like I used to be living in the real world and not worrying about Facebook. Thankfully unlike the latest generation I knew what that “normal” was. It was incredibly freeing. I was no longer Facebooks bitch. It was nice getting a break from feeling like I needed to entertain people and just enjoy some peace. The first 24 hours I just had to avoid my little habit to click the button on my browser and if I accidently opened it normally the massive amounts of notifications number would remind me to get back off. By day 2 I was having a great time being free and getting stuff done, wow I got shit done I’d put off for MONTHS. I started catching up on all the stuff needing to get done. The longer it went on the more I loved it. It was really nice not having to worry about Facebook etc. Facebook is everyone’s little PR front to their lives, it was nice not to have to bother with it. It was nice to take pictures and not feeling like I had to share them or upload them.

So what brought me back? My friends. I miss playing with my friends and being involved with their lives. Honestly thats REALLY the only reason I’m coming back. I’m not trying to get you to buy shit from me on it. If all my great friends around the world lived by me and we could hang out I wouldnt need Facebook. But really though, everyones lives are so busy, Facebooks monopoly is making it easy to be in your friends lives and interact with them. Thats its real treasure to me.

In spite of all that, I AM though taking steps to change my usage and demand of Facebooks needs. I’m turning off my Facebook mobile notifications. I’m not leaving the browser open anymore so that notifications ping the shit out of me all day long. I’m not gonna FOMO over a new comments or what people are saying on my posts. I DONT need to see every new comment on my post as it occurs, I’ll get around to seeing them all later. I will check in when I want to see what me and my friends are doing, just on MY time. _I_ will turn on and off Facebook when _I_ WANT to. I will check in and then check off closing it. I’m gonna monitor my usage to not be Facebooks FOMO bitch. So I’m gonna take these new steps to take control of MY life. Facebook’s reign is done.

The “less is more” rule is also kicking in. I’m gonna write blog posts on MY properties. Instead of tons of mindless drivel and news shares there will be less but more original quality. If I dont get enough reads, Likes or comments on a post, fuck you people, thats all your getting so revel in it. If I write a long post, you’ll want to read it cause it may be all youre getting today. A ton of great stuff is done on blogs that dont bother posting on Facebook. I’m gonna work on quality instead of quantity. Instead of multiple tech stories, less but better. And more podcasts.

I kinda like being “normal” again, I’d give you the advice to consider the same.

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