How To Fail At Linkedin Email Marketing


I just got a cold call Linkedin email pitch that is 10 paragraphs long…

I took one look at it and closed it without reading. Ironically its from someone whose offering to teach me how to get more sales and revenue. I hope its not by doing what he’s doing.

If you’re going to send me a cold call Linkedin email pitch or plain email for that matter, please make it short and sweet. Get to know me in PREQUALIFYING me. Ever head of that? Sales is about discovering a customers NEED and fixing it. Start building a relationship with me with questions, not statements. SALES IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS.

Dont write me some book about your life’s history I am not vested in yet and dont give a shit about since you dont know ME. What you forget is its NOT about you, its about ME. If you have something to sell you need to know MY NEEDS and how to fix them, not 10 paragraphs about YOU and YOUR NEEDS.

Its like meeting me in real life for the first time, shaking my hand and then you dont stop talking for 20 minutes about YOU.

If I see more than 2 paragraphs I’m not reading your email if I dont know you. The more paragraphs, the more my brain reads it as “Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, now buy!”

I get tons of Linkedin emails that have missed their target audience and wasted their time sending to me. Other times its a case like this where maybe you need to buy some learning more from me, than I from you.

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