How To Fail At Being A Social Media Expert Consultant


Okay just some ADVICE to offer please. I just went to some “rock starish” social media consultants website. They are marketing a whole ton of services and themselves as the masters of social media and Tech.

NO WHERE on their site is links to their Twitter, Facebook or other sites. It makes me wonder if you just #failed or if you really dont want people to see your low “success” counts?

If you were a site trying to sell me cars its like NOT telling me where your car lot is. “We kick ass and sell a shitload of cars!” Really WHERE?

Maybe its a good idea to have those links on there if you’re going to pitch people on being a master of the trade. Also your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin followers should show you ARE in fact, a master of the trade. I’m not sure how you can sell me you are a master of social media if you dont kick ass at it. If you think 10,000 followers are gonna rock my brand you dont know shit.

We’re 5+ years into this social media stuff, shouldnt you have more than 20,000 followers at this point? Of course I can see why some people wouldnt WANT to link to a less than spectacular show of social media lack of influence.

What do I know of course.

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