Catalonia’s Voter Repression & The Lessons We Should Learn

Its amazing to see the power of people so desperate to Vote around the world. People sleeping in lines for the privilege to vote. Not only from the citizen’s side but watching Spain’s leaders so terrified of a single vote that they send an army of police to stop the voice of the people in repression. The massive power levers all in that one little ballot slip.

Meanwhile, in our Country, people will only put that same “sleep in line” effort into a phone toy, but won’t even show up to vote. Even in our Country, the politicians work to gerrymander votes away from the poor and still it holds little value to our electorate in showing up. But let’s face it the poor cant afford to fund political campaigns so they are unwelcome by politicians to vote with their voice.

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Many people learned this from the last low turnout vote and more will suffer further I’m sure. We should heed the lessons from other countries and not throw away our voting privilege and power.

I like countries that by law, force everyone to vote. I think we need that in America. In a country with people so lazy they put a toy over their vote, we need make sure everyone votes.

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