Bad “Food” Shouldn’t Be A REWARD!

One thing reading Penn Jillette’s book Presto, clued me into is how my food reasoning bullshits me and has helped me fuck myself to 350+.

If you saw on MyFitnessPal app last week I lost some good weight. Then it went up for 4 days. Wanna know why? Everytime I lose some weight my lizard brain says “Hey we lost weight we need a REWARD.” Guess what that reward is? Some shit “food.” Mine was okay I can have one mountain dew. You used to drink 10 a day, you can have 1. Okay 2 – its a reward. Then okay 2 mountain dews and small bag of Doritos. Oh take home a couple for the fridge. FUCK ME. This isnt a REWARD its a fucking trick!

When did we start thinking a living healthy reward was FOOD! My reward should be something else. Like glowing the fact of being healthy, maybe living longer, not carrying around a ton of fat, feeling better.

Maybe its something I learned as a child. My parents said – hey if youre good you get a reward – a candy bar – cake – ice cream. It may have started there. I dont know but I cant blame my parents. Its my job to not be a dumb ass. My parents didnt shove all the stupid shit I have into my mouth all my life. I did. BUT, maybe if you’re a parent you might want to think about that concept of using food as a reward. I reward my dogs with unhealthy shitty treats so I’m also to blame. I and we should stop that food reward bit.

Anyway, New paradigm: FOOD IS NOT A REWARD. FOOD IS FOR NUTRITION ONLY LIZARD BRAIN. The reward is being skinny and healthy with little sickness or disease. Living long for your loved ones. Getting laid by hot chicks attracted to you. Thats reward, NOT MORE SHIT FOOD.

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