Apple Watch Launches 3 Years Behind Competitors, iSheep Lose Their Shit


Watching people on Twitter lose their minds like the Apple Watch was the first wearable watch invented or something, is funny to watch. Its like no product has validation until Apple puts their name on it.

I just realized this thing doesn’t even have video and photo taking capabilities like the first Samsung Gear from 3 YEARS ago. Or like Google Glass from 3 YEARS ago. What a joke. Its not even as innovative as those and people are losing their minds.

A few of my friends have admitted that it’s just to “keep up with the Jones” FOMO thing. Some have told me they are buying it to say they have it and it will likely go into a drawer with all the other wearables. Apple still has “it” in being able to sell their rabid audience anything at a premium, no matter how far they are behind the competition. People will buy not because its the best product on the market, but to fit in, to seem cool, to be popular.

Who can blame Apple? They know this and they pander to the FOMO. They are now a luxury brand. Even Woz knows they are now just a money raking Brand. Steve Wozniak said, “I’m going to buy the Apple Watch, just the cheapest one,” according to ChicagoInno. “[Offering the high end Apple Watch Edition] didn’t seem like the company we started. That’s not the Apple that moved the world forward.”

This will be the first product launch test of Tim Cook’s leadership. Since Apple now panders to Wall Street it will be interesting to see how this plays out if it doesnt move the needle. The bigger iPhones are cannibalizing the iPads and they need another hit.

Wearables, Apple or not still have a long way to go to become as loved and utilized as mobile phones. Time will tell how many end up in drawers in the next 3 months. But that wont matter I suppose, Apple will still have your money in its greedy little hands.

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